Breakfast flakes Vs. breakfast bars
Breakfast bars are a convenient morning option, but are they better than the good old flakes and milk? Hannah Blamey finds out.

Breakfast flakes
It seems that time has passed parity with money, with people doing anything to save a few minutes. Little wonder breakfast bars are the new bran flakes with milk and fruit. But what you gain in convenience you may pay for in the form of extra calories, warns Kate Deppeler, a spokesperson for the Dietician’s Association of Australia.

Cereal bars may be high in added sugar or contain added fat, especially saturated fat, she says. “Cereal bars are great on the occasion that you need a convenient breakfast option, but try not to make them part of your regular breakfast routine.”

To safeguard against lolly-like bars, she advises looking for bars that are low in added sugar, fat and saturated fat and high in fibre compared with other choices in the category.

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