Robyn Lawley is the face of Pantene, a swimware designer and cookbook author. Here, she tells us how she stays in shape.

“I am an Australian size 16, which is really rare in the fashion world,” Robyn says.

“People don’t understand that models are so, so, so much smaller than I am. I’m trying to spread body love and body positivity because the message can get lost when people are focusing on things like weight loss stories; that’s not what I’m about.”

Instead of focusing on extreme diet plans, Robyn concentrates on getting fit and healthy.

“I think exercise is a really great combat to depression, sadness and generally not feeling good about yourself,” she says.

“Fitness is where you get your endorphins and how you’re going to make yourself feel empowered. I like kickboxing, swimming and SoulCycle, which is a crazy American trend of cycling in the dark to crazy music. I’m terrible at it. I enjoy yoga as well.

“I get into the trends like everyone else – kale juices, detoxes, I’ll try it. But I don’t like fad diets or fake food; for me, it has to be real. Vegetables are still my favourite food group and avocado is my favourite food.”

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