michelle johnson december 14 bodyblitz winner

Determined to become a role model for her children, Michelle Johnson changed her life for the better. Now 11 kilos lighter, she’s hoping to help other mothers on their journey to wellness. I am a 31-year-old mum of three little boys under the age of three. I have always struggled with weight issues to some […]
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RECIPES + DIET PLANS Nutritional guidelines & easy eats EXERCISE TIPS + WORKOUTS Workout programs to keep you on track SUCCESS STORIES Meet the monthly winners What is the BodyBlitz 12-week Challenge? Want to change your body, and your life, forever? Over the years, the staff at Women’s Health & Fitness magazine have seen hundreds […]
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How to survive the BodyBlitz 12-week challenge

If you’re considering entering the 12-Week BodyBlitz Challenge or are simply starting a new fitness program, you can expect a range of varying emotions. Here’s what to expect.. The is a wonderful tool – with the right training and nutrition program you can transform your body into a lean machine in just 12 weeks. However, there […]
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