Leah Raynsford lost a whopping 11 kilos when she took on the BodyBlitz Challenge.

For me the BodyBlitz challenge came at the end of my weight loss journey. Last year I found myself at 100 kg. I worked hard to lose weight and managed to get down under 80 kg and stay there, but my goal was 65 kg, which would give me a healthy BMI.

I work in a sedentary job where it is easy for me to get lazy and complacent in my eating. I could feel myself slipping back into old ways, so it felt like it was time to give myself a shake-up.

I started at 77.4 kg and finished at 65.9 kg, just 900 g short of my goal weight, but I’m so happy with my results that the discrepancy doesn’t matter. I am well within my healthy weight range and feel so alive and happy; I have so much energy, I have muscles, I am strong and fit and I’ve further developed my skills in training and weight management.

The most important thing I have gained through the challenge is confidence – I actually bought shorts and wore them out on the weekends. I haven’t been able to wear shorts since I was a kid as my thighs were always too big, I was too self-conscious and they just didn’t fit!

I’m thrilled that I finished the challenge in time for a trip to Fiji and was able to rock the best body of my life. It’s the first time I’ve been confident in a bikini –  free to enjoy my body and my new outlook on life. I was even inspired to start my Certificate III and IV in Fitness as I want to use what I’ve learned to help others as well. During the challenge, I developed lots of little tasty treat recipes to get me through, such as protein balls, protein pancakes and protein mug cakes, which I substituted in at snack times for a little ‘chocolate’ hit.

Overall I have been so happy with my transformation and the BodyBlitz process I feel like a new woman and I am looking forward to the future.

I trained weights and cardio most days.

  • Mondays – Chest/Shoulders, Cardio in the evening
  • Tuesdays – Arms
  • Wednesdays – Legs, Cardio in the Evening
  • Thursdays – Chest/Shoulders, Cardio in the evening
  • Friday – Cardio
  • Saturday – Back/Shoulders and Cardio
  • Sunday – Rest
  • Cardio: a mix of HIIT and slow, steady cardio; running; x-trainer; stepper.


  • Breakfast: Oats with protein powder
  • Morning Tea: Low-fat Greek yoghurt
  • Lunch: Chicken, broccoli, sweet potato
  • Afternoon Tea: Protein bar or fruit
  • Snack: Protein shake
  • Dinner: Protein (beef, chicken, fish) with a minimum of three cups of vegies
  • Snack: Protein shake or bar