Toasted muesli - The TRUTH about muesli - PHOTO - Women's Health & Fitness


Toasted muesli is definitely tasty, but Deppeler warns that its palatability may come at a price. While she says that the health benefits of toasted muesli are similar to those of a natural recipe, Deppeler warns that there can be hidden calories. “Fat is added to make it crispy and crunchy during the toasting process. For this reason, toasted muesli is often higher in fat and kilojoules than natural muesli.”

To keep calories in check, keep toasted muesli serves to one quarter of a cup, which has about the same amount of kilojoules as a half cup serving of natural muesli.

If you’re buying pre-prepared muesli, Deppeler recommends reading the nutritional information panel to insure against accidental over-consumption.