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Caitlin Reid, accredited practising dietitian (
“I love eating foods as close to their original state as possible and keeping processed foods to a minimum. This ensures I maximise my nutrient intake while keeping unhealthy fats, added sugars and salt to a minimum. I always try to combine protein and low-GI carbohydrates so that I feel satisfied between meals and have a steady supply of energy. My carbohydrate intake will vary depending on how active I am for the day, so some meals or snacks may vary in size. If I’m socialising with family and friends, I may also enjoy a glass or two of sparkling wine or piece of cake on the weekend. I love dark chocolate, so that will generally be included after dinner. Healthy eating and overall wellbeing is about enjoying food, so I’ll eat discretionary food if I really feel like it and control my portion size.”  

Breakfast: 3/4 cup fruit free muesli with 1/4 cup low fat Greek yoghurt, 4 strawberries and 125 ml skim milk
Morning tea: Banana and regular skim latte
Lunch: Beef salad with roasted beetroot, sweet potato, capsicum, beans, baby spinach and avocado, plus carrot, celery, apple, ginger and kale juice
Afternoon tea: Mixed nuts with a piece of fruit
Dinner: Grilled salmon with 3/4 cup of dill risotto served with steamed broccoli, carrot and green bean, plus 1 large square of dark chocolate

Breakfast: 2 soft-poached eggs, with 30 g smoked salmon, 1/4 avocado and 1 slice wholegrain sourdough, plus a regular skim latte and a carrot, celery, apple, ginger and kale juice
Morning tea: Low fat Greek yoghurt with nuts and berries
Lunch: Barley wrap with 1/4 avocado, grilled chicken, reduced fat cheese, baby spinach and lite mayonnaise, plus a piece of fruit
Afternoon tea: 1 slice of reduced fat cheese with 2 wholegrain crackers or home-made banana and bran muffin
Dinner: Pork and vegetable stir-fry with 3/4 cup of brown rice and 2 kiwi fruit.