Dietary guidelines are well and good, but what do nutritionists REALLY eat when no one’s looking?

Melanie McGrice, accredited practising dietitian, Nutrition Plus

“I eat out quite regularly – I don’t like staying at home; there’s too many great restaurants to try and friends to catch up with, so watching my portion size is imperative. I always order ample vegetables when I eat out, even if it costs me a little more. I am usually very aware of incorporating all of the core food groups each day. Unfortunately, these examples weren’t my best as they were a little low in dairy, which is unusual for me as I am a good milk drinker.  I usually treat myself to a small hot chocolate or flavoured milk each day as my indulgence. Although I enjoy wine, I only drink maybe one to two glasses per month as I am aware how high in kilojoules it is. I am definitely a chocolate lover, but as you can see from my dinner on Saturday night, I’m good at keeping my portion size small and just having a taste. I like to have a cooked lunch most days as I find this keeps me sustained with plenty of energy throughout the afternoon. I usually also practise what I preach by eating small meals every three to five hours.”

Breakfast: ½ cup muesli topped with stewed fruit, yoghurt and low fat milk
Morning tea: Small hot chocolate
Lunch: Small container of spag bol (about a cup) and 2 cups of steamed veg
Afternoon tea: An apple
Dinner: Stir-fry with ½ cup of rice, 80 g lean chicken breast and 1 ½ cups of vegies

Breakfast: 2 slices of fruit toast spread with margarine
Morning tea: Small hot chocolate
Lunch: Small container of dahl and steamed rice
Afternoon tea: N/A
Dinner: 2 slices of roast lamb, ½ head of broccoli, ½ a roast potato, roast pumpkin, a tablespoon of beans and a teaspoon of mint sauce
Supper: 1 tablespoon of chocolate pudding and 1 spoon of ice cream