Here’s a weight loss treatment that works

It’s a great feeling when we reach our desired weight loss goal. There are various methods of weight loss out there. From the latest and trendiest diets to fitness centers that promise success or even invasive surgery like bariatric surgery. Weight loss success can be attainable using these methods but there is a dark side to weight loss- the vicious cycle of weight regain!

Weight regain should not be overlooked. But can there be a solution that helps us avoid weight regain? Spoiler alert … the answer is YES!





Losing weight may be easy for some, but keeping it off is very difficult! But why is weight maintenance so hard? Here are some reasons why you regain weight after following trendy diets:

  • EVERYONE WANTS A QUICK FIX: We have been wired, as a society, to expect a quick fix to our problems. We want the latest ‘belly shrinking diet’ out there. This may result in impressive results in the short term, whether you cut out carbs or calorie count. In the long term, our bodies will start to fight against weight loss once dieting stops.
  • YOU ALWAYS FEEL HUNGRY: Hunger is an uncomfortable feeling that many dieters are familiar with. For most people, fighting off those feelings are too difficult and eventually they give in and result in weight regain. In other words, initial weight loss can result in a gradual weight regain due to overeating.
  • MENTAL LAPSE: The weight loss journey is a long and difficult one. It takes a lot of mental strength and sacrifice. If weight loss is achieved, maintenance of weight loss is another hurdle that needs to be dealt with. Often, this leads to feeling discouraged. More so, once the weight goal is achieved people often stop there instead of continuing with a maintenance program.



You have signed up for a fitness center and you are excited to get started with that HIIT training session and you can’t wait for the next spinning class. Unfortunately, after some time, you lose that enthusiasm and it becomes a task to go to the gym. According to Shery Paghoto, Ph.D from “Psychology Today”, exercise is uncomfortable. This may be true, but there is more to it than that:

  • Gyms take up a lot of time
  • Social connections – if you don don’t sign up with a friend, you are likely to have a short membership
  • Gyms are not cheap
  • It takes time to see results and to maintain them
  • Machines can be uncomfortable for people and they don’t enjoy using them
  • Short and long term injuries can occur



  • Bariatric surgery is an expensive, invasive surgery. The mortality rate has been reported at approximately 1:1,000.
  • About 25% of bariatric patients undergo a second operation
  • Some patients suffer from depression after bariatric surgery
  • 5 years after surgery, around 50% of patients regain a significant amount of weight that they lost:
    • Their stomach stretches after 3 years
    • Hormones that induce appetite return
    • Patients learn how to overcome the surgery and work around it

We can see that food intake is not the only issue. Weight regain can be explained by way of many reasons- mainly focusing on psychological and environmental reasons. If your mindset has not shifted, it is likely that no matter what weight loss procedure or method you try, you will not maintain weight loss.

However, there is one non surgical weight loss device that helps with weight loss and weight regain as well. The Spatz3 gastric balloon is the world’s only adjustable gastric balloon that will help you lose weight and keep it off!




According to Dr. Jeff Brooks, CEO and inventor of the Spatz, “Our philosophy at Spatz is NOT to stop eating, that will not bring long term success. Since, without a significant mental change in attitude and without a new approach to eating, any short term success will be just that… short-lived. Whichever program you choose, if at the end of the program you are not thinking and acting like a person with a healthy lifestyle, then the program was not successful.”



Gastric balloons for weight loss come in different shapes and sizes. Standard balloons include Orbera and Obalon gastric balloons. They have been on the market for 30 years. Initially it was understood that by simply taking up space in the stomach resulted in feeling full and eating less. We have now learned that it does a lot more than that.

First of all, gastric balloons cause food to stay in the stomach more than the usual amount of time. Second of all, your stomach will start sending signals about the food that you have consumed. If you eat too much, the signals will let you know. The signals consist of belching, bloating, cramping, gassiness etc. You basically become more aware of what you have been eating and make a connection between your mind and body.



The main setback of standard weight loss balloons is that their effect decreases over time and weight can be regained by the 4th or 5th month. This happens while the balloon is still implanted in the stomach. Spatz3 is the only balloon whose volume can be adjusted which extends the treatment time. Once increased in size or ‘up adjusted’ the signals continue to say “I have eaten too much” or “slow down”. The balloon keeps people in check by reminded them what they have eaten in the last few days. If the patient is sensitive and intolerant to the balloon size initially, it can be adjusted to a smaller size or ‘down adjusted’ to prevent early balloon removal and a more comfortable balloon experience.

This helps people act and think like a thin person.

By creating the adjustment feature and extending treatment time, it helps people lose weight and change their attitude towards food, and therefore keep the weight off.


“Our goal at Spatz is to help you think and act like a person with healthy eating habits.”


This is the latest revolution in intragastric balloons and is only available with the Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon.


It is not yet FDA approved.