Kylie Ryan, weight loss coach and qualified hypnotist of, explains how hypnotherapy assists with behaviour change by utilising the state of trance.

“Trance is a natural state, and one that people go into many times per day, The hypnotherapist encourages the client through voice tone, words and positive suggestions, based on their goals and outcomes. This will facilitate better communication and harmony between the clients conscious and unconscious mind.”

How does it work for weightloss?

Hypnosis works by aligning the client’s unconscious mind with their conscious desires. “Sometimes a client will sabotage themselves because their weight is related to an unconscious protection mechanism. Hypnosis helps them uncover their underlying sabotage buttons and release the beliefs and emotional trauma, so that they are aligned with becoming slim, healthy and empowered in their lives.”

Ryan says there are many published journal studies that indicate hypnotherapy has been proven to more than double the weight loss outcomes compared to a control group. “In one study in the hypnosis group lost 30 times the amount of weight of the control group.” She says hypnosis has also been proven to help maintain healthy weight over time.

Typical treatment

Ryan says her typical private treatment consists of five to ten 90 minute sessions, usually weekly.  “I will assist the client to a relaxed induction, to sit comfortably with closed eyes, then go into what is very similar to a guided meditation. I will help them to release a key block to their weight loss, often times this will have to do with beliefs about self-worth. Then in the subsequent sessions I will elicit the persons values and systematically work through releasing the blocks, trauma and limiting beliefs that have stopped them, while also assisting the client to become clear about the goal they are moving towards and the reason why they want to achieve that outcome.”

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