Rebecca Malone: January 2016 Bodyblitz Winner


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Being a mother of two and a full-time student, making time for fitness wasn’t easy for Rebecca Malone. But with the support of her family and a rekindled love of the weights room, she’s celebrating the new year with some amazing results.


When I started this challenge I weighed the most I have ever weighed at any point in my lifetime – including both times when I was pregnant! But losing weight wasn’t my main goal; it was to increase energy and vitality and improve my overall health. My kids were the biggest motivation for me; I wanted to be a positive role model to them and show them that, even if you have setbacks or make mistakes, it is still possible to turn things around with focus, time and effort.

I have always liked eating healthy meals and being physically active but in recent years I have often lacked the energy and motivation to prepare the meals or make it to the gym. My ‘inner voice’ would say, “It’s not worth the effort”, so my new motto is “I am worth the effort”. I found weight training easy to get back into because I love how it makes me feel, but cardio was my biggest challenge. I couldn’t run at the beginning of the challenge because of the pain that it caused to my knees and lower back. Instead I went bike riding as often as I could and over time, as I lost weight, I found that I was able to run again without pain.

The biggest change that I have noticed is that I have more energy and greater clarity of thought. I have also noticed that I have improved digestion, better sleep, increased sex drive, and I feel happier overall.

Hit next to see how she did it!

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