7 step detox plan

Dietitian Lyndi Polivnick shows us how to dodge the detox traps with her 7 step plan.

7 step detox plan - Women's Health and Fitness

1. Determine your goals

Set clear, realistic goals. Instead of focussing on losing weight, set goals based on your health. Focus on fitness, not fatness. By achieving your fitness and health goals, your weight will shift without you even realising it. Fit and strong truly is the new sexy. Aim to run faster, squat deeper or stretch further.

2. Ditch the bad food

Reduce intake of ‘extras’ or processed foods you eat in a week by half. This includes cakes, chips, chocolate, lollies, sugary soft drinks and saturated fatty foods like hot chips. If you eat lollies twice a week, just pick one day of the week to enjoy your treat. Alternatively, you can have the same benefits from halving your portion size.

3. Fibre is key

Increase the amount of fibre you eat by choosing whole grains and eating the skin on your veg. Fibre actually lowers the amount of energy you get from a food. For example, a high-fibre muesli bar would provide less energy than a brownie even though they might have the same amount of calories! Fibre not only reduces calories, it helps you stay fuller for longer and ensures you detox toxins from your bowels naturally. No laxatives required.

4. Protein, protein, protein

Eating protein will help prevent muscle loss, which helps keep your metabolism high. Protein will also keep your hunger at bay and aid recovery after a killer workout.

5. Baby steps go a long way

Make small changes to your diet to see dramatic results in the long term. Swap the large coffee for a small, reduce your portion size by ordering entrees and share dessert.

6. Get physical

Exercise regularly. By burning 250 calories more each day you can lose one kilo a month. This is equivalent to walking for 40 minutes each day.

7. Focus on health not being skinny

Don’t eliminate the foods you love from your diet because you will be setting yourself up for failure. Make a deal with yourself to look after your health and not focus on being skinny. Be kind to your body and build a positive relationship with food. Avoid bingeing attacks and feelings of guilt and deprivation. Remember that guilt and health cannot co-exist.

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