Worried about losing contact with your pals? We show you how to improve your friendships

1. Meet your friends

Sounds simple, but how often do you see your friends face-to-face without the aid of technology? The more you use technology to communicate, the lonelier you’ll be, according to a survey conducted by Relationships Australia, so it’s important to achieve a balance between virtual communication and face-to-face interactions, which are important in maintaining strong friendship ties.

2. Feel good about you


Friendship is not just about your connection with others, it’s about your understanding of yourself, too. According to the Mayo Clinic, developing your self-esteem and a realistic self-image are key ways to nurture your friendships as self-criticism and vanity can hinder potential friendships.

3. Let down your barriers

According to psychologists, friends feel more valued when they know they have your trust. Be open and let your friends in your secrets – ‘fess up about succumbing to your cravings, put your competitive streak aside and reveal your weight loss secrets and more importantly, enrich their lives with your experiences for them to return the friendly gesture.

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