Coconut oil for dry skin

Got dry, flaky skin? Two of the industry’s top beauty experts reveal their skincare tips.

Coconut oil for dry skin - Women's Health & Fitness

DIOR make-up artist/trainer, Charlotte Hoye

Coconut oil is fantastic for dry skin on elbows and knees, and works wonders on the scalp. Olive oil is also great for removing unwanted fake tan. When your tan is reaching the end of its life span, rub olive oil in before you shower to break it down and remove with ease. And always remember, whether it be your foundation or even your skincare, you only need a small amount of a good quality product.

CEO and founder of ModelCo, Shelley Barrett

I have used organic coconut oil on my skin for years. It’s a bit greasier than my everyday moisturiser so I only use it when I really need it. When my skin is really dry, I put two to three drops of rosehip oil on my hands and rub it into my skin before I hop into the shower, then I use a warm face cloth to wipe it off. Finally, when applying fake tan to your face, rub an ice cube over your face before application. This will close the pores and stop the tell-tale black spots!

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