The painless procedure straightens the eyebrow hair thereby changing its direction to remove any gaps and give it a much whole look known as Eyebrow Lamination. This procedure is not invasive. Also known by the term brow sculpt, brow lamination is a process that involves chemical solutions to lift eyebrow hair by straightening them. Any probable strands are broken by this solution. Hence, the hairs can move freely.

Processes Included

  • It is initiated by conducting tests to verify allergies and sensitivity to applicable ointments.
  • Passing the test, the second step is initiated where the cosmetologist cleans the area by removing the brows and designing the best-suited brow shape for the person. Brows may also be threaded to remove stray hairs.
  • The lifting cream is then applied onto the brows with an applicator. It helps in breaking the strands, enabling them to take a new shape.
  • The fourth step involves brushing the hairs in a particular direction.
  • The area is covered with plastic for several minutes. The time duration is entirely dependent on the texture of the brows.
  • The cream is then removed and a solution is applied to set the hairs.
  • The applied product traces are then removed.
  • The final touch-up is concluded through the application of serum or nourishing oil to condition the eyebrows.

Advantages of Eyebrow Lamination

The multiple advantages of laminating eyebrows include:

  • It is not harmful and does not involve any pain.
  • It does not seems artificial and can provide a natural look.
  • Post-procedure, the eyebrows look fuller, thicker, bolder, and fluffier.
  • No usage of unusual makeups and needles is conducted.
  • People opting for the procedure can have even eyebrows, thin and growing in all directions.
  • It is an effective procedure for unshaped eyebrows.


The provider sets the cost of the procedure. Naturally, it ranges from a minimum of 50$ to 120$.