There is a lot to be said about the fact that we live in a world that is more and in comparison than it has ever been before. Thanks largely to the rise of social media and our increasing utilisation of the platforms in social media, we have seen so much unhealthy comparison that has, over time, become the norm. And it has been really disheartening and frankly quite damaging to see that it has not only continued to become more prominent but it has had more of an impact on individuals across the board and around the globe.

Gone are the days where comparison was limited to the best glass toys that you could use or the choice between a yoga class or a weight session. Today, comparison is all around us and as a result self-confidence can be really challenging to not only achieve but maintain over time. For women everywhere, The active and Ongoing pursuit of body confidence is something that is becoming more important to us all the time. And it is certainly helps to have some tips to empower us to pursue body confidence in healthy, meaningful, and sustainable ways. Here are five steps to empower women with body confidence.


Making marketing more inclusive

There is genuinely so much to be said about the fact that the marketing that we absorb has a genuine impact on how you feel about ourselves. This is especially true since social media rose across the border around the globe. The marketing that business and even entire industries have paddled for so long has been decidedly inclusive and has introduced an unrealistic standard for what the human body should look like. Thankfully, we are now going to shift that and one of the things you can do to increase your own body confidence is to actively choose to appreciate marketing without comparing yourself to the models. That is a work in progress.


Encouraging a natural and inclusive era in social media

Of course, your social media definitely also has an impact. So, encouraging and natural and inclusive air and social media is filtering out the exclusive standard of the perfect body and introducing a new approach where in complete inclusivity around the globe is the new standard. Encouraging this new era and social media is definitely something that is a collective effort, however every individual action and reaction helps. And you will find that your own confidence in yourself will see as you see more bodies like yours on social media.

Be the one that is always complimenting others

The saying, “treat others how you would like to be treated” is so true. And have you ever been out and about in public and a stranger has complimented you on something that maybe you were insecure about all you simply are so used to that it goes over your head everyday? There is something really refreshing and lovely about that. So, be the one that complements others. When you make others feel better you feel better.


Explore your body yourself

Your body is going to carry you through the entirety of your lifetime. And while others may get to know your body, no one is ever going to know it as well as you do. Choosing to explore your body yourself is one of the best ways to boost your body confidence because you become more familiar you learn to love all the curves and the edges that maybe once upon a time you felt insecure about your body is your best friend and exploring it is a great way to bond with your inner self and to get to know truly the only person that is ever going to be there for you for your entire lifetime; You.


Equalise the fashion industry

It is so disheartening to go into a store or shop online and, once you have your pieces – that are in the size that usually fits you, mind you – they do not fit. Work on supporting the companies and brands that create inclusive fits, sizes, and styles. Because as the consumer, you truly control the longevity and success of fashion. And the more you demand for your body to be represented, the more it will be. And what better confidence booster than there possibly can be than that?