All Australians who meet the eligibility requirements can now access the NDIS because it has been nationally implemented in all states and territories. By June 30, 2020, the NDIS had been implemented in all parts of Western Australia. If you live in WA, you can find assistance in getting an NDIS from Perth NDIS services. We’ve put together this straightforward advice on how to be ready for the process to assist you in becoming an NDIS provider in Western Australia. This guide covers the five processes for registering as an NDIS provider by the standards set by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission beginning on December 1, 2020, the date that WA formally switches to the NDIS.

First Step: Application

Filling out the application is the first step toward becoming an NDIS provider. On the website of the NDIS Commission, you can find this: The following information is necessary for the application, so it’s crucial to have it ready: Contact information for your organization, including a service profile, must be provided. This information will be useful in figuring out which NDIS Practice Standards modules—or portions of modules—apply to your organization. Below, you can find more details regarding the criteria. Once this section of the form is complete, you can self-assess against the pertinent NDIS Practice Standards and upload any supporting documentation. This will show that you have met the relevant NDIS, according to your assessment.

Stage 2: Audit

The audit comes after registering to become an NDIS provider. It is your responsibility to hire a qualified, impartial auditor to conduct the audit. You can either use our auditor referral service or choose an auditor directly from the list of reputable, approved auditors. The registration requirements that apply to your organization are summarized in the initial scope of the audit you receive after submitting your online application. It also specifies what your organization must prove to comply with the pertinent NDIS Practice Standards and if you need a “verification” or “certification” audit. Before starting the audit process, auditors will make sure the audit’s scope is accurate.

Step 3: Assessment


Through an online portal, the auditor will deliver the audit’s findings to the NDIS Commission. Your application will then be evaluated by the NDIS Commission. Using the data you provided in your application, they will take the audit’s findings into account and evaluate your organization and its key personnel’s appropriateness.

Step 4: Outcome 

  • Successful application: A Certificate of Registration will be given to you if your application is accepted.
  • Unsuccessful application: The NDIS Commission will inform you of the reasons for the denial of your application. After the decision has been made for three months, you may ask for a review.

Step 5 – Ongoing Compliance

Once you have successfully registered for the NDIS, you must continue to comply with certain rules. The NDIS Commission has the authority to suspend, modify, or revoke registration and keeps track of whether registered NDIS providers are adhering to the conditions of registration.

Therefore this is the correct process of registering the NDIS in Western Australia.