Everyone knows how exercise is essential in boosting your overall health. Aside from maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough sleep, regular exercise is also crucial in attaining your weight loss goals or sustaining your ideal weight. However, not all people have the time or money to enroll themselves in gym sessions. For others, they could be uncomfortable visiting the gym, considering that it’s often crowded with other gym-goers.


One way to achieve your fitness goals without going to the gym is by creating your very own gym at home. Having a home gym is actually known to bring numerous benefits. One, it can save you from having to pay expensive monthly fees for gym sessions. And two, you can exercise in your own gym any time you please without worrying about the crowd. Furthermore, you can also set up a home gym that suits your needs and convenience.   

If you’re interested, here are seven pro tips to help you set up your very own home gym.   


  • Find A Perfect Exercising Spot  


Before investing in a bunch of gym equipment, you need to find first a perfect exercising spot around your home. It can be in an extra bedroom in your basement or your garage. Make sure to choose a space that’s spacious enough for you to move around, lift weights, do certain poses, and display a bunch of gym equipment.  

Once you find a spot to set up your home gym, you can clear out the area and get rid of things unnecessary for the gym. Now that you have a clear view of the empty space, you can start planning which areas and corners you’ll place your gym equipment in.  


  • Place Rubber Flooring  


While this may not be necessary, having rubber flooring can actually protect your home from damage. For instance, if you’re incorporating free weights into your home gym, the rubber will protect your floors from scratches and cracks in case you accidentally drop your weights on the floor. What’s more, the rubber will also minimize the amount of noise you produce from dropping dumbbells and other heavyweights on the ground. Most importantly, rubber flooring can also protect you from slips and falls while working out.   


  • Purchase Bumper Plates  


Aside from the rubber flooring, purchasing bumper plates can also help minimize the noise you produce from lifting or dropping heavyweights. Now you don’t have to worry about waking up your neighbours or your family members, especially if you usually work out during the wee hours of the morning.  

Bumper weights are specifically designed to take all the impact in case you drop your weights on purpose or during a failed attempt. This way, your barbells, and the floor will be safe from any cracks and damages.   


  • Create A Storage Plan  


If you’re planning to pack your home gym with tons of gym equipment, you need to create a storage plan to ensure your gym stays organized. Otherwise, a messy home gym might only discourage you to continue exercising, or worst put you at risk for accidents.   

Ideally, it’s ideal if you invest in a storage container to keep your jump ropes, resistance bands, yoga mat, sliders, and other small and portable workout pieces. You can safely tuck away the storage container under your bed. Meanwhile, for heavier equipment like weights and dumbbells, you’ll need to purchase a compact weight rack to organize and hold your weights.   


  • Install A Mirror  


You might be wondering what’s the purpose of having mirrors in your home gym. If you’ve noticed, all gym centres have mirrors on almost every wall. This is to allow the gym-goers to see themselves perform while working out. Moreover, the more they can see themselves in the mirror, the more they’ll notice if there’s something wrong with their form or posture, leading them to improve their routine.   

A mirror can also create an illusion and make your home gym look bigger and wider than it is. When installing a mirror, you can place it behind the treadmill and dumbbell rack and let it enhance your home gym’s aesthetic.   


  • Add TV And Speakers  


Another helpful thing to add to your home gym is a TV. Having a TV can be a great distraction, especially if you’re working out on a treadmill and planning on running on it for more extended hours. As you watch the TV, you’ll barely notice the time, and it can also temporarily distract you from feeling tired. You can also use the TV as your guide if you’re watching workout videos. Just make sure you place it somewhere that won’t restrain your neck.   

Installing speakers can also keep you motivated during your workout sessions. You can blast your workout playlist without worrying about other people judging your taste of music. You can play whatever music you want to listen which can help you stay motivated to keep going.   


  • Install Fans  


As you sweat while exercising, it might sometimes feel like you’re in a sauna, especially if you’re working out in a closed space. Installing fans can improve the ventilation of your home gym, especially if you’re working out in the garage or inside the bedroom during summertime.   


Now that you got everything set up, it’s time to put your home gym into good use. You can use it alone or invite your family or friends to work out with you. Just make sure to visit your home gym regularly to reap the benefits you’ve always wanted.