The whole ‘cardio burns more calories than resistance’ thing is a myth, says trainer Alice Round

Trying to lose weight fast (what’s with those last minute invites?) with cardio? According to WH&F training consultant Alice Round (, the whole ‘cardio burns more calories than resistance’ thing is a myth. But because so many people believe it, it’s harder to get rid of than Nikki Webster.

“If you’re crunched for time and can only fit in one or the other, the most effective training for calorie burn is full body metabolic resistance training,” Round says.

“Full body high intensity, short recovery resistance training sessions not only work many muscles in your body to give shape and definition, but they also assist in raising your metabolic rate post training.”

So you’ll effectively still be in workout burn mode during your cut and blow wave. Another misconception is that the only worthwhile resistance calls for man-grade weights. An effective resistance workout can be as simple as doing moves that use your own body weight. Try CrankIt straps to increase your range of body weight exercises, or simply drop and give yourself 20.

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