The aim of the challenge is to get through all of the exercises and repetitions in ANY order and in any rep numbers as quickly as you can. Keep track of reps and set that clock!


›› Stopwatch

›› Paper/pen

›› BB

›› DB

›› Weighted plate

›› Box or chair

›› Mat

Before commencing, roughly draw up a table with exercises at the top and metrics down the side – think reps or time. Fill in the exercises, leaving room to record your numbers as you go. Perform each exercise and rep with full range and good technique to maximise benefits.


Challenge exercises

›› Squat & press

›› Renegade row with a push-up

›› Russian twist

›› Squat star jump

›› Alternative lunges

›› Jump in and out

›› Dip

›› V-sit


Challenge options

Option A

x100 reps

Option B

x80 reps

Option C

x60 reps