The Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 was something that was a completely new experience to literally everyone in the world. Our way of life was thrown upside down, and even simple and basic things that we once took for granted such as the ability to socialize with friends and family, or visit the local cinema or gym, were now things that we were being forbidden to do.

The lockdown affected people in so many different ways. Some people were able to deal with the restrictions placed upon them a lot better than others. It was a very harsh way to start the new decade, and though the coronavirus pandemic is still going on, life is very gradually beginning to return back to some form of normality.

Health and fitness during the lockdown

One of the most important aspects of the lockdown was how it would affect people physically and mentally. Local amenities such as gyms, swimming pools and sports clubs were forced to close, which affected a great number of people who were using such facilities for their daily workouts.

While people were still allowed to go outside to partake in some form of exercise, there were restrictions on where they could go, for how long and with whom. After a short time, it became much more apparent that the lockdown would go on for more than just a few weeks, and that it might take quite a while for our regular lives and routines to return.

A surge in gym equipment for the home

One thing that a lot of people started to do during the lockdown was to set up a home gym. With the local gyms all closed, many people started setting up their own personal fitness areas at home.

Some people who were fortunate to live in a large home, were able to set aside a room, or even garage, as a place for the family to work out in. Others, who lived in homes with much more restricted space, were simply working out in their living rooms, or hallways.

Regardless of the size of peoples homes, the industry for home gyms exploded during the lockdown, and demand for all types of sport and fitness equipment went through the roof. Many companies all over the world saw a surge in the demand of their fitness equipment, and Hirefit are seeing record demand in the UK.

In addition to the sale of home gym equipment and products, there was also a massive uptake in the number of fitness apps being downloaded for iOS and Android devices all over the world. There was an almost 50% increase in downloads during the lockdown.

Setting up a home gym

When it comes to setting up your own home gym, there are a number of factors that have to be considered. The main one is the cost. If you wanted to get a complete gym setup with machines such as a treadmill, rowing machine and exercise bike, then you could be looking at a potential cost of at least $5000.

In fact, there are some pieces of fitness equipment that costs several thousand dollars alone, so the type of equipment that you go for, in addition to the brand and model, will have a large role to play in how you build your home gym.

The other thing you need to consider is where you plan to set up your gym. Do you have a spare room that you can turn into your fitness area, or an unused garage? If so, then you can create a very nice set up with a variety of equipment.

If you don’t have any extra rooms or space, then you are going to be working out in one of the main rooms of your home such as the living room, bedroom or hallway. If that’s the case, then you are going to be much more limited on the type of set up you can have, as well as the equipment you’ll be able to fit in your home.

The basic equipment you’ll need

Regardless of whether you are going to be working out in a dedicated room at home, or in your hallway, there are various pieces of equipment that you should all be investing in. The basic piece of kit are dumbbells. These are available in a number of different weights, and there are so many different exercises that you can do with them.

They are also fairly small in size and can be easily stored under the bed, or at the bottom of a wardrobe. Another popular item is a kettlebell, which again can be used for a variety of exercises and stored fairly easily.

If you are able to, it’s worth installing a pull up bar. For those living in a small home, these are usually set up over a door frame. If you are renting your property, make sure you have permission to install one of these. Rings are also a great choice of equipment, but usually require slightly more space than a pull up bar.

Some people like to do specific workouts at home, such as cardio workouts or something a little more relaxing such as Pilates. A good workout mat is essential for these, and they can be picked up relatively cheaply from most sport stores. If you are planning to take part in daily Zumba workouts at home, just make sure that you have the space, and are aware of any object around you that could easily be knocked over.

Some final thoughts

Keeping fit and staying healthy is something that everyone wants. 2020 has been a strange year so far, and has really made huge changes to how we live our lives and what our daily routines can consist of. Some things are gradually getting back to normal, but it could be a long time still before things are back as they were in 2019.

For now, we have to embrace the present, and simply make the best of it. And for many, building a home gym, no matter how large or sophisticated, is something that people all over the world are doing, in order to maintain their fitness workouts, and bring a sense of normality back into their lives.