What is it?
“Chlorella is the top chlorophyll-containing food on Earth, with 10 per cent chlorophyll, which is 40 times higher than wheatgrass juice,” says Wolfe. It’s basically a single-cell green, water-grown algae.

What do you do with it?
“Take chlorella to detoxify the brain and the liver while also improving your immune system against viruses and harmful bacteria,” says the self-taught nutrition seer.

How much to take?
Half to one tablespoon a day.

Is it super?
“Yes, because it contains 65 per cent protein, which is nearly the highest of any food,” states Wolfe. On the immunity front, the scientific jury’s out, but there are good signs. Research reported in a 2012 edition of Nutrition Journal concluded that in vitro and animal studies had shown that chlorella is a potent biological response modifier on immunity. But there was no direct evidences for the effect of chlorella supplementation on immune/inflammation response in healthy humans.