Prevent workplace stress with these simple tactics.

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Take active breaks from work or niggling problems to let your brain get its stuff together. Try getting up and walking away from the site of the problem; you may just have an ‘aha’ moment.

Fix your posture. Standing tall can boost confidence and tell colleagues you’re on your game.

Curate facial expressions – not so much to send a message to others as to fire up feelgood neural networks. Smiling activates the pathways your brain associates with feeling happy; fake it ’ til you make it.

Stage dress rehearsals. If you’re giving a nerve-jangling preso, practice in the conditions you’ll face on the day. Recruit trusted colleagues so you’re used to dealing with interruptions or reactions that could otherwise throw you.

Journal. Physically scribbling your worries can boost performance and downplay stress.

Exercise outside. Even if you’re hellbent on lifting heavy, make one or two workouts a walk outdoors, which has been shown to improve attention and focus.

Meditate. Even a few minutes a day can quell anxiety and strengthen self-control.


Writer: Human performance expert Prof Sian Beilock, from her book How the Body Knows Its Mind.

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