Wide leg squat – PICTURE – Women's Health & Fitness

3. Wide leg squat with weight and forward raise squats

Weighted squats with standard feet or wide leg are the exercises I usually start on as they warm up your whole body.

This exercise fires up your biggest muscle group and ensures a great start to the workout.

1. Hold the kettle bell/weight with straight arms, with your shoulders back, and with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

If you want to engage your inner thighs, take your feet into a wider squat.

2. Keep your shoulders back at all times and your eyes forward while you take a deep squat, with your thighs parallel to the ground.

Your weight should stay in the same position. Then rise back to the starting position. Avoid over-extending your knees on the return extension.

3. Do the same thing in a wide leg squat – activating your inner thighs.