WH&F trainer and fitness model Nichelle Laus graced the cover of our June issue. Here, she shares her top tips for becoming one with your workout:

Tip #1: Choose workouts that fit into your current lifestyle and fitness level.
“Fitness shouldn’t feel forced, or you won’t enjoy it,” says Laus. “Everyone knows when you don’t enjoy something, you won’t stick with it. Fitness should be a lifestyle, not just something temporary.”

Tip #2: Make time for yourself.

“I want to set an example to women, especially other mums, that anything is possible if you work hard and want it bad enough. I always make the time for fitness because it makes me feel good both physically and emotionally.”

Tip #3: Find ways to stay motivated

“Finding motivation can be as simple as training to a new workout regime, a new piece of equipment, a new exercise, a new playlist, or new workout clothes,” Laus says. “I love to set new, bigger goals, and work up to those big goals with smaller ones along the way.”

Tip #4: Maintain balance
“One can’t have too much of anything or it becomes toxic. I am all about balance and keeping it real.”
“I love to incorporate a mixture of workout styles in order to create a nice balance.”

Nichelle’s fitness routine

Day 1: Shoulders/Abs
Day 2: Back/Biceps
Day 3: Legs (Quads)
Day 4: Chest/Triceps/Abs
Day 5: Legs (Hamstrings/Calves)
Day 6 and 7: Rest

PLUS cardio five times a week, 35 minutes each low-impact mixed with two days of interval training to mix it up.

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