Arnott's Tim Tim chewy caramel - healthy snack swaps - Women's Health & Fitness

Arnott’s Tim Tam Chewy Caramel, 19.4g
405kJ, 4.6g fat, 12.7g carb, 1g protein,
9g sugar


Slim Secrets Crème Caramel Low Carb Fit & Fab Mini Protein Bar, 28g  
414kJ, 2.8g fat, 1g carb, 9.3g protein, 0.9g sugar
Our experts say: “With less than 100 calories and 9.3g of protein per serve, Slim Secrets Crème Caramel Fit & Fab Mini Protein Bars pack a nutritional punch,” Polivnick says. “A great snack for after an intense workout. The high protein content will help keep you feeling fuller for longer.”