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4. Maintain a healthy balance

You’d be forgiven for thinking fewer carbs is better. But there’s no reason to demonise carbs. You still get the keep-you-full perks of protein by combining macronutrients, with the bonus of getting your brain’s preferred fuel, which comes from carbohydrate. If you must have white roti, good news. Protein puts high GI carbs back on the menu as it basically transforms high-GI carbs into low-GI ones. “Aim to have five to 10 grams of protein in each snack,” Robinson says.

“Protein helps to reduce the overall glycaemic load of the food by taking longer to digest than high-GI carbohydrates such as refined grains and sugar. This helps you to feel fuller for longer and avoid craving-inducing crashes in blood sugar.” Also keep an eye on where those carbs are coming from, as the source is more important than the amount of carbs per 100 g according to Polivnick.

Hint: look for ingredients like oats and real fruit. “Low-GI, whole food sources high in fibre will satisfy your hunger for longer and help to reduce your appetite,” Robinson says.

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