Suzie Solbrandt never thought she’d get her pre-baby body back. But by working in a healthy lifestyle around her bub and business, she has!


Suzie Solbrandt: September BodyBlitz winner - PHOTOS - Women's Health & Fitness

In March last year I had my first baby, then in July my husband and I decided to buy a business. Being a nursing mum and running a new business was no easy task, I was eating on the go, bingeing and doing absolutely no exercise.

I realised I had been neglecting my own needs for the whole year. I had gained weight, my pre-pregnancy clothes didn’t fit, I used to love exercising regularly but during this time it was the last thing on my mind. I was proud of my achievements but I wasn’t proud of myself.

In December I decided to turn things around and take on the BodyBlitz challenge. I started taking long walks with the pram in the mornings and switching up my meals for healthier options. After I finished breastfeeding, I took the opportunity to step up the training and dieting. I began going to the gym three times a week and eating healthy pre-prepared meals.

There were ups and downs throughout the challenge. I’ve always put my son first no matter what. When he was teething and in no state to be taken to crèche, I would skip the gym without question. Being a new mum certainly made the process much more challenging, but the results I achieved by taking the time to look after myself, my health and my body were phenomenal. I have rekindled my relationship with exercise and discovered a new passion for healthy, delicious food. In the past I had the belief that I had to kill myself in the gym and starve myself to see results. I’ve now realised that I can incorporate steady exercise and nutritious meals into my routine.

Suzie Solbrandt before and after weight loss pics - PHOTO - Women's Health & Fitness

I can honestly say that this is the best I’ve looked and felt in my whole life. I thought pregnancy and childbirth would have ruined my chance of even dreaming about putting on a bikini again; I am proud to say I’ve proven myself wrong. I am extremely proud to have taken this journey and encourage every woman to do the same.

On overcoming challenges
The first few weeks of the challenge I was still breastfeeding, so I had to ease myself into eating less without affecting my milk supply. And I started this journey less than two weeks before Christmas! My way of overcoming this potential diet disaster was to plan ahead and schedule in days where I would relax on the meal plan. As long as I was back on the wagon the next day, I was happy to indulge and enjoy my Christmas without guilt. The same went for my 30th birthday in February and any other special occasion that came up. I allowed myself to be flexible for a day or two, then after that it was back to business.

On workout motivation
Seeing results kept me going.Once I started noticing changes in my body I became more and more determined to reach my goals. My husband was also a great support.

On food swaps
Personally, I am a terrible cook. This became particularly apparent at the start when I was attempting to prepare my own meals for a whole week. My solution was to outsource, I have a friend who is a fantastic cook and does her own meal prep every Monday. I supplied the food and she agreed to cook my weekly meals for me. Being extremely busy, this was a lifesaver. Not having to think about meal prep made the challenge so much easier. Preparation is the key to a good diet.

On treats
I love chocolate and anything sweet; I found chocolate-flavoured protein shakes got rid of my cravings. I allowed myself to have treats at parties, etc. but I always made sure I didn’t go overboard and remembered my goal. I also allowed myself to have a glass of red every now and then.

On measurements
I’m ecstatic! I’m so proud that I actually made such a dramatic transformation in only 12 weeks. When I started, I never thought the results would be so amazing. I actually look and feel better now than before I was pregnant, which I never thought would happen!

On goals
I’m now working on toning up and thinking of getting a personal trainer to help me continue on my journey. My dream one day would be to step on stage as a fitness contestant.

•    3 x 1-hour brisk walk with pram weekly
•    3 x weight training sessions weekly
•    1x CrossFit session weekly (when able)

Breakfast: Oats with protein powder and a black coffee
Snack: Handful of almonds or a piece of fruit
Lunch: Steamed fish with salad or chicken breast with rice
Snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Chicken breast with sweet potato mash and steamed broccoli

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