The problem: Office noise

Solution:  If you waitress in a noisy cafe, listen to the workspeak of eight people all day in a partitioned office space or work in an environment such as a hairdressing salon, the noise exposure may make you more likely to reach for snacks between meals. Research from Penn State University shows that people exposed to more noise while solving problems eat more than those who solved problems in silence. And afterwards, the noise-stressed group craved unhealthy snacks like chips, chocolate and popcorn and overindulged in them. In short, constant noise on the job may be dictating your cravings and food choices.

Waist protection:

• Put your phone on silent for periods of the day so it's not adding to the noise by constantly ringing.
• Make a request to your boss that your office implements some 'quiet time' periods during the morning and afternoon where all co-workers reduce talking to each other and switch off music.
• Turn down the speaker on your computer.
• Wear earplugs when doing tasks that involve great concentration to cut out chit-chat of colleagues, particularly if you are working in a partitioned office space.