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7. Exercise has to hurt
I knew that in order to become healthy and fit I would need to find a physical activity that I enjoyed. I didn’t know what this would be because I disliked all forms of exercise, but I knew I couldn’t be the only person in the world who disliked exercise. So I began to try any and all classes at my gym and outside of my gym. I tried, Pilates, spinning, yoga, running, hiking, cardio machines, circuit training, weight lifting, step classes, aerobics, and finally I found CrossFit. For the first time I found an activity that motivated me, that made time fly by, and that mentally and physically challenged me in a fun way. I made a commitment to myself to attend this class three days a week and I even signed up for one on one training once a week. I did this for about a year and before I knew it my body had made drastic changes.

My pant size went down, I began to see triceps, and the beginning stages of abs. Friends of mine asked me if I had lost 15-20 LBS but I didn’t and I told them this but no one believed me. What was eye-opening about this experience was the fact that I dropped pant sizes, looked 7.5 to 10 kg lighter but in fact had only lost 2.5 kg. This is when I learned that my body fat percentage had dropped significantly during the year and when I really realised that the number on the scale isn’t as important as the way your clothes feel and the way you feel in your own skin.  My advice is to find an activity that leaves you feeling good after each session. I can’t promise you that you will like this activity the first or second time but you do need to give it your best effort and try it a handful of times before you can fully decide. Know that being active is a crucial part of your physical improvements, but more importantly your mental transformation.

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Words: David Goding