Triangle pose - Toned legs in 5 moves- Women's Health & Fitness

4. Triangle Pose with a difference  

Why you’ll do it: Take this pose to another level by really focusing on the process, feeling power and grace as you connect with each step. I’ve extended the how-to steps to ensure you hold each section of this pose and keep readjusting. Doing this pose frequently will foster sculpted thighs with bonus strength, stability, focus and power.

What you’ll do: This pose can be paired with other exercises as a great transition or the simple three-step sequence can be done on its own. To start, step out into a wide lunge position and ensure your front knee is not over the toes of your front foot. Centre your body weight and straighten the back leg. Ensure you place even weight on back and front foot – it helps to press down on the heels and spread your toes into the ground.

Your back foot is side-on and angled slightly forward. Your front foot is pointing straight forward in line with your front knee. As you step forward, shuffle your feet until you have a full extension and the front thigh is almost parallel to the ground. Deepen the lunge in the front leg, lengthen the back leg and reach up and out with arms out in front and back, aligned with your shoulders. Ensure your upper body is not over your thigh but imagine a line from the sky/ceiling travelling through the crown of your head, through your upper body, straight down to the ground. Look ahead over your front hand and extended arm. Once you are in this position, make any necessary adjustments to ensure your hips, heels and knees are all in line and your back is straight. From here you can do a beginner extension, resting your front forearm on the front thigh and reaching the top arm straight up to the sky. Look up towards the top arm and feel compression in your thigh/lower abs as you expand and stretch deeper.


ADVANCED OPTION: Extend the front arm down to the ground while the top arm shoots straight up. Whichever you choose, keep adjusting and checking that your back leg has even weight and balance through to your front foot; your body should be strong, legs powered and arms long. Lengthen both sides of your torso evenly. Reach your bottom arm down until your hand firmly roots onto a block or the ground. Hold this pose for five or six breaths in and out, enjoy the expansion in your chest, lungs, and shoulders while you push the power through to sculpt and strengthen your legs. To come out of this pose, pull with your top arm, breathe in and come back to the upright position. Then bend your back knee and step the leg towards your front foot into a classic standing pose. Pause for a moment here then repeat on the other side.

Avoid leaning the body over front of the legs and pushing the butt out.