Calf raise - toned legs in 5 moves - Women's Health & Fitness

3. Calf Raise

Why you’ll do it: A very basic calf raise will define, shape and work on your target zones. It’s ideal if you sit a lot and will improve circulation and definition. As well as looking good, strong calves help to support your posture and improve stability.

What you’ll do: Start with feet hip-width apart. Have your hands by your sides and as you come up on to your toes, raise your hands in front of you. For a full extension, bring your hands well above your head and hold the calf raise on your toes for 10 to 20 seconds then come down.

Change the position of where you point your toes to accentuate the different parts of your calf muscle. Play around with this and feel the different focus depending on whether you point your toes in or out.

To increase the challenge, add hand weights and also do this on one leg.