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Exercise 4: Squat Press – 10 repetitions
Designed to be a full-body movement with a major focus on the bum, quads and hammies. This exercise becomes a serious calorie burner as it forces the body to work harder to pump the blood to all the required muscles required for the movement, and fast.

a.    Stand with your feet about hip-width apart, squat down and grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip, then stand up and pull the bar upward, keeping it close to your body, bend your knees to develop momentum and catch it on your shoulders with your elbows and palms pointing forward.
b.    With your weight at shoulder height, lower into a squat (don’t let your knees go past toes) and hold for a moment.
c.    Push through your heels to stand up, pressing the weight overhead
d.    Squat back down while lowering your arms until your hands are shoulder height again.