Get your heart rate up - 8 ways to stay fit for life - Women's Health & Fitness

5. Get that heart rate up!

Cardio pertains to any form of activity that increases your heart rate. It trains your heart and lungs to pump oxygen around your body faster and more effectively.

"There are two types of cardio workouts: Light and high intensity. Light cardio refers to exercise that increases your heart rate to 60 per cent of its maximum output – determined by finding 60 per cent of 220 (the average maximum heart rate) minus your age. It is effective in maintaining fitness. High intensity cardio refers to exercise that gets your heart going at least 80 per cent of its maximum output (80 per cent of 220 minus your age). It’s effective in burning fat and increasing your heart and lung capacity. Both forms of cardio should be included in any fitness plan, as should a challenge every now and then. With the right push at the right time, what you once considered high intensity may soon become light cardio!"