Planning to gorge on hot cross buns on Good Friday? Enjoy every mouthful, then burn off the calories so you feel guilt-free for Easter!;

As Easter treats go, it’s hard to go past the traditional hot cross bun, toasted with a dollop of butter that trickles over the raisins and down your chin

Tempted to scoff a second? We don’t blame you. But be warned – despite a modest footprint, a single hottie contains as many calories as a decent-size choccie egg. Don’t let it stand between you and the toaster, but when you’re done, meet us at the back door and we’ll burn it off together.

20 ways to burn off the calories

1. Hit the waves for 85 minutes of surfing.

2. Offer to do your partner or housemate‘s ironing (as well as doing your own). In 2 hours 15 minutes you’ll have that bun well and truly off.

3. Book an hour-long trail ride. Yes, sitting – believe it.

4. Clean your teeth for three minutes. Times 50.

5. Reply to all the emails you’ve flagged to follow up later. At 204 minutes you’ll be bun free.

6. Sit there mocking the folks on My Kitchen Rules? Dare you to do better – your 2 hours cooking time starts now.

7. Hit your favourite department store for 120 minutes of retail therapy. Now how smart does online shopping sound?

8. Wash and vacuum the car for a total of 1 hour 6 minutes.

9. Find a new outfit in your existing wardrobe. About 150 minutes of trying on clothes ought to do it.

10. Pash your significant other for 2 1⁄2 hours.

11. Forget catching up for coffee. Ask a friend to play frisbee for 90 minutes.

12. Channel your inner Matisse and paint for 1.5 hours to brush of the cals.

13. Take an hour-long tai chi class.

14. Put your phone on silent and settle in for a 4-hour Frasier marathon.

15. Get Fido fit by going for walkies for around 80 minutes (but leave the Schmackos at home).

16. Test your stamina between the sheets. For every 85 minutes you’ll burn half a hot cross bun.

17. Re-stock the firewood pile ready for the first chilly nights. You only need 40 minutes’ chopping.

18. Fill a green bag with groceries from the pantry and run up and down the stairs for 35 minutes.

19. Who says aqua aerobics is only for seniors? A single class will blow the dough out of the water.

20. Spend 80 minutes putting together an Ikea bookcase.

* Based on a 65kg female and 85g traditional hot cross bun.

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