Are you a compulsive, emotional or anxious eater? A new study shows brain attributes determine ideal eating behaviours

According to US neuroscientist Dr Daniel Amen, different brain types determine ideal eating behaviours. Compulsive types, for instance, click with a healthy carby plan, while anxious sorts should stick with macrobiotic and whole foods, according to Dr Amen’s study of 66,000 brain scans. Read on to see which diet plan will work for you:

• Eat healthy carbohydrates, to raise serotonin levels.
• Avoid A high-protein diet, which may help other people to focus, but could get you caught up in what makes you aggro.

• Eat Go high-protein and keep carb levels low (yay to the fish, but leave the chips).
• Avoid The calming effect of carbs may lower your impulse control further.

• Eat Make like an Italian and load up on oily fish, fresh fruit and vegies. This should offset a part of your brain identified by Amen as a player in poor food choices.
• Avoid High-protein or high-carb diets. Moderation for you is not negotiable.

• Eat a macrobiotic diet combining whole foods and vegies
• Avoid Steer clear of going too low on the calories – you can’t afford the spritz of stress hormone cortisol you’ll get if you dis’ your hunger.

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