Women are more prone to scoliosis than men. Fortunately, a study reveals that treating scoliosis at home can be possible. All you need is a yoga mat, your favourite activewear, and you’re good to go. Yoga for scoliosis can help to improve the spine curvature. Here are the following primary body areas that you should focus on when doing yoga that aims to treat scoliosis.

  1. Feet

When doing yoga for scoliosis, you must first focus on your feet. Stand and distribute your weight evenly on your feet. That way, you can determine if there is some imbalance. Healthy feet and legs will allow you to establish a robust foundation, allowing your spine to stretch and become straight. That way, you can transfer the weight of your body to your feet instead of the spine.

  1. Spine

Since the curvature is in the spine, narrow down yoga poses that are specific to straightening the spine. There are yoga poses that help to lengthen the spine. It is crucial, especially for women who have S-curve scoliosis.

  1. Abdominal Muscles

Another primary part of the body that you should focus on when doing yoga for scoliosis is your abdominal muscles. Women with scoliosis have weak abdominal muscles, causing their back muscles to carry the weight of the body and tighten. The worst-case scenario leads to lordosis or the extreme curve of the lower back. Hence, focus on strengthening your abdominal muscles so that the weight is even.

  1. Scapula

Muscles around your shoulder blades should be flexible. There are yoga poses that are specific to improving the scapula. Practice dropping the shoulder blades and drawing them towards the front. That way, you’ll be able to move freely and increase the flexibility of these muscles.

  1. Psoas

You can find these muscles in your thighs. Make sure that your yoga poses will help to tone these muscles so that your legs align correctly to your torso, reducing the pressure from your spine. These muscles are also responsible for balancing the torso when you are sitting. Yoga poses such as reclining hero’s pose, lizard pose, and low lunge are a good start.

Doing yoga for scoliosis

Before you spread your mat on the floor, make sure that you talk with your doctor first. You need as much information before you start with your yoga practice. The consultation should give you the signal to proceed to do yoga at home to treat scoliosis. That way, you don’t end up with serious injuries or worsening your condition. Consultation is crucial, especially if you are still recovering from corrective surgery.


Practising yoga for scoliosis at home is a great way to save money in the long run. Not all people can afford physical therapies or corrective surgeries to treat scoliosis. Hence, the best you can do is improve the condition by being mindful and doing yoga. Aside from correcting your spine curvature, your body also benefits from lean and toned muscles. And all of these that you can do in the comfort of your own home!