When it comes to the business of being healthy and physically fit, a lot of people’s minds automatically go to gyms and personal training and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but when it comes to overall health, there are tons of avenues you can go down to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in your personal and professional life.

Careers that don’t require you to sit in front of a desk all day can be called active jobs. It gets you away from the mundane lifestyle of a typical office job. Luckily, jobs that keep you up and moving are a lot easier to find than you may think. Jobs for physicians are just as easy to come across as it is for jobs for personal trainers so your options are limitless!


Benefits of Careers That Keep You Healthy and Fit

So obviously, one of the biggest benefits of having a career that keeps you active is not having to sit at a desk all day but what people may not realize is that one of the other big perks of careers in this field is that they come with a very considerable income. Each of these positions has an annual salary that’s higher than the average salary of American workers, which was $37,000 as of May of 2016.

Now, these careers listed below aren’t necessarily positions that will have you rock climbing on a daily basis but they are positions that involve moderately strenuous activities such as excessive walking or bending and lifting. Taking on a position that gives you the opportunity to help the lives of others as well as improve your own personal health (and earn a decent living from it). If you want a career in health, take a look at these positions that allow you to practice health and fitness and live it in your everyday life.


Health: Lifestyle and Livelihood Positions


Registered Dietitian

You what they say about being physically fit… the secret is the food to exercise ratio. If you want physical results on fitness, it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. Registered dieticians are the “God sends” that provide personal clients, restaurants, and healthcare facilities with nutrition consulting services that change the lives of many people.

As a registered dietician, you will indeed have some time at a desk to input information in computer systems to keep nutritional information updated for clients and businesses but once you’re done with one client, you’re off to the next. So this is a position that requires a lot of walking and commuting in most cases. For example, if you’re in a long-term care facility, it can require you to go from room to room to visit with patients to get their food preferences or monitor their food consumption. Also, as you’re monitoring the nutritional consumption of others, you’re more than likely to apply the same nutritional values to your own personal life too, to maintain a healthy diet.

So a registered dietitian might not be on the extremely physically demanding side of things but forces you to evaluate your own personal eating habits.


Fitness Model

Being a fitness model sounds like a dream job, right? Well, it actually can be for those who have a passion for fitness. A lot of people think that all you’d be doing is taking pictures wearing cool workout gear… To a certain extent that is true but there’s more to it than that.

The title is “fitness model,” so in order to have that title, you have to work out and get in shape! The competition in this career is extremely high and requires a ton of discipline. So in your free time, it’s detrimental to eat healthy and work out. Some fitness models have their own personal trainers to maintain their physique while others are already personal trainers and have their own workout routine that works best for them.

So to maintain a career in this field, you definitely need to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle in order to be successful! Shape.com discusses the physical demands required on set for photo shoots that a lot of people don’t realize. It really goes into detail about how it takes a lot more than “being pretty” in front of the camera.


Recreational Therapist

As a recreational therapist, your job responsibilities aren’t as physically demanding as that of a fitness model but you will be required to lead some fitness activities as well as do your fair share of walking. Being in a healthcare facility, most recreational therapists either have a designated room to perform these activities with patients or they will go room to room to visit patients who can’t get out of their rooms to attend the activities.

As a recreational therapist, your responsibility is to improve the lives of patients by creating fun-based activities that reduce anxiety, build confidence, and improve their physical capabilities. Not only will this position keep you active but it’s also rewarding, which is also good for your health.