A lot of vegans are curious what is vegan marketing since it can be something they can do either as a full-time job or on the side. Vegan marketing is promoting vegan products. For food, it is completely plant-based which is not ultimately vegetables but also plant-based meat. There are some animal food that were cooked using plant-based ingredients like tofu and mushroom. This is done as a silent protest for disgusting individuals to stop killing animals just for food since the living creatures also have a right to live on this planet. Believe it or not, plant-based meat if done right tastes the same as the dishes that we have all grown to love. The only difference is that it does not contain body parts of dead animals and you know that would be good for the future of everyone involved here.

For non-food products, you have vegan leather which is leather that is not made out of animal skin. It is a shame how some people would kill animals just to use their skin for furniture like sofa and chairs. For clothes, it does not involve the fur of innocent animals. There are indeed a lot of viral videos that shows ruthless people butchering animals then just taking their fur away from them. It is sad how these people would take the lives of those animals just for a few bucks. For beauty products, it means those that does test on animals. Believe it or not, China requires animal testing and we still don’t know why as animals were not put on this planet to get tested on. They deserve to live a full life.


If you are involved in any way of marketing products that are cruelty free then you are doing vegan marketing. There are actually many ways to do this like posting on Facebook targeting those who want to live a sustainable lifestyle that would benefit the future of this planet. Of course, it is a lot easier said than done since there are people who are against this style of living. As they say, you can’t really make everyone happy. We all know how killing animals is pretty bad for the environment so we are not doing ourselves any favors every time we support businesses that do that. As a matter of fact, any business that supports cruelty acts need to be shut down.