Do you have beautiful eyes? Many women may not know how to answer this question because they have never paid much attention to their eyes. In fact, even when all eyes are beautiful, those with longer, thicker, darker, curly eyelashes look great. This is a typical VIP look, but it doesn’t imply that these rich and famous divas have the best whip. They apply false threads using what many call a sticky eyelash extension.

Anyway, all women who attract other men to their eyes can wear fake extensions with the proper compressor. Choosing the right one requires some manual labor, as a woman needs to look for references from many points of view. He was able to read online surveys, blog and forum comments, articles, and other useful information. You can also ask your loved ones for thoughts just so you can choose the best whip extension.


In fact, even size specialists can be a source of advice and help. A significant number of the accessible items have the problem of generating steam. Vapors are terrible for people with delicate eyes and skin, as they can do so without much discomfort. Another common negative sign that some of these things have is the way they contain hazardous synthetic compounds, such as formaldehyde. This substance, even at its most reduced centralization, could cause what specialists call contact dermatitis in sensitive skin.


Also, some of the best whip extension glues are completely annoying as they affect the reproduction of eyelashes to stay firm. They can easily reason about frustration if false excellence helps to disappear in broad daylight. The best ones have to be exceptionally strong so that they hold the eyelashes even for a few months. Most markets can last up to fourteen days.



Any type of glue that can cause buzzing of your eyelid is not suitable for you. So I prefer to reserve enough opportunities to look for the most reliable guy. Most accessible forms are mostly easy to use. First you need to choose your favorite false eyelashes according to the daily plans and look for eyelash adhesive. Take a tweezer for now, as they will allow you to hold the lashes so you can apply the bar. Then wash your face with warm water and dry with a completely dry cloth.

Make sure all caps are completely clean and free of oil. Cut the length of the false eyelashes to the point where you fit. Add a whip glue to the strip, sit well for a few moments, and then position it as close to the source of the whip as you reasonably expect. Then press it for up to twenty seconds and then eject the tweezers. Open your eye and look in the mirror to see what. If you approve, go ahead and solve the other.