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Base Body Babes full-body barbell workout - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Amazing AbsAlexa Towersey’s resistance training workoutResistance training targets the full body with particular emphasis on the posterior chain and coreread moreHow to make the most of beach circuits and boot camps Take a breather from the gym and head outdoors for a beach circuit of boot camp in the…read moreStrength building core finisher workout A strong core will support everything else you do, but when most people think of core they…read moreJenna Douros’ HIIT workout sampler Designed to get your heart rate high and burn max calories this HIIT circuit by Jenna…read moreThe benefits of strength sets and powerful performance What difference does heavy lifting make to your workouts? Here, we take a look at the…read moreTop exercises to sculpt a strong core WH&F Head Trainer Alexa Towersey knows a thing or two about building a strong set of…read moreHow to sculpt your core Learn how to sculpt your core with these expert insights. Katelyn Swallow writes.The…read moreStrengthening shoulder workoutFor all the girls carrying the world on their shoulders, Karey Northington provides an epic upper…read moreHow to measure your strength progression  Strength progression is all about how much weight you can lift, over a certain number of…read moreHow to increase muscle gain To increase lean muscle mass, progressive overload is essential – here’s how to build up…read more

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