There may be very few people in the world aware of fashion or not who do not know the name Adidas. Although the brand was launched with a focus on sports, it soon gained popularity as a fashion brand due to the launch of this legendary product called Adidas Superstar, without which the essential wardrobe of all young people is incomplete today.


The shoe not only increased Adidas’ popularity but also brought a revolution in the wardrobe sense, which contained a slim construction and at the same time was comfortable to wear. Adidas Superstar footwear is made of high-quality leather and is mainly varnished. This shoe was the first of its kind to introduce the genre called “shell shoe” because the shell-shaped rubber lining covers and cushions the toes, making the shoes more durable. The robust construction makes it resistant to damage.


The design has cult status even after so many years of its publication, which speaks volumes about its ability to cope with changing trends. There is an arsenal of cool and quirky colors and designs, as well as vintage shoe construction. In addition to the designs made, Superstar has presented a surprise with a customizable option, which means that anyone can print an empty shoe with a design that defines their personality. This shoe is the symbol of a rebellious nobleman who is artistic and active at the same time. This shoe satisfies athletes and casual wear and expands the imagination of consumers. He is always making history.

The model is available in different sizes for men, women, and children. The three zigzag leather straps on the sides of the shoe have become the hallmark of Adidas. The body is covered with a thin layer of thread, which allows the feet to breathe in the air that runs through the shoe. This is suitable to be worn as sports shoes without worrying about its durability. It can also be combined with a range of casual wear, from jeans to dresses, to bring the quotient of new sneakers. It can also be suitable for formal use, without mixing problems. It is as if the shoe is determined to carry the superstar inside you, no matter what condition it is in. Another fun fact is that the shoe construction is bigger than other London Rebel shoes of the same size. If you are used to wearing a size 6, be sure to order a smaller size. However, rest assured that the small size fits you perfectly and does not affect your comfort.