When you decide to start or get back into fitness it’s important to set clear and attainable goals. Goals help keep you stay accountable and motivated, but it can be hard to know how to achieve them and the best equipment to help get you there. Whether your goals are based on weight loss, building muscle or strength, or simply to get fitter, there is fitness equipment that is best suited to get you there.


While equipment like squat racks, weight sets and resistance bands are all fantastic additions to a workout, not all workouts are created equal, and different equipment will inevitably provide different results. To learn how to best match your fitness goals with the right equipment, consider using this guide.

Weight equipment

Depending on your goals, there is likely to be a different set of equipment you can use, and in some instances, there might be multiple different types you can use. When you buy gym equipment online, it will have many uses, but generally speaking, each piece of equipment is designed for a very specific goal. If your goals are aligned to building muscle then selecting weights, dumbbells or even weight machines will be best to achieve that goal. Knowing exactly what kinds of muscle you are looking to build to help narrow it down, generally speaking, dumbbells are always a great place to start as they offer great flexibility in their use. No matter what muscle you’re looking to build, there is certainly going to be weights to help get you there.

Weight loss

If your goals are focused on shedding extra weight or trying to get into that dream outfit, then the equipment you need will certainly differ. Similar to building muscle, weights are always a great idea to help lose weight. Weights help build lean muscle mass which burns fat much faster, but you’ll also want to remember the cardiovascular equipment to help as well. If you’re interested in a mix, opting for more affordable equipment is best, skipping ropes, boxing pads or even ankle weights for running are all great options. These alternatives will allow you to get a solid mix of weights and equipment to help get that heart rate pumping to burn off any unwanted fat. Finding the right mix is about your budget, skill level and available space. 

Getting fit

Fitness goals are often based on wanting to achieve a milestone like running a marathon or completing a triathlon. If your goals are aligned to fitness or running a race, then you’ll want to opt for equipment to help build cardiovascular fitness. Treadmills, bikes or stair machines are great pieces of equipment that will allow you to achieve your fitness goals, often in the comfort of your own home. Treadmills are particularly useful if you aren’t confident running outdoors or are concerned about impact injuries from the hard roads and pathways. Cardio equipment is ideal for tracking your progress and pushing your limits a little further each time, making your goals much easier to track and tick off the list. 


If you’re concerned about space, an alternative could be to opt for machines that can fold easily, like a rowing machine that can be stored vertically. No matter what equipment you opt for, cardio goals and a desire to get fit doesn’t mean long runs outside.


Achieving your fitness goals is a great way to gain confidence, achieve a dream or even get back to that goal weight you’ve wanted for some time. Finding the equipment can be hard if you don’t know where to start or the best equipment for your individual goals. No matter what your goals are, there is fitness equipment to help get you there. Whether it’s a treadmill, weights or even something as simple as a skipping rope, fitness equipment can help achieve those goals in no time.