Do you have a pet in your home? No doubt pets are part of many families. These friendly animals make your day amazing. You feel nice when a cat or dog lies next to you after a tiresome day. You can see them telling you sorry for the involving day. While you love your pets, they can be a source of disaster.

Pets can temper with your plumbing system and cause a substantial mess in your backyard. For this reason, you need to be careful about how your pets interact with the plumbing sections. Here are awesome tips for pet owners who want to avoid plumbing issues in their home:

Get covers for your drain

Pets love jumping up and down in your backyard. Some of them like cats have a high curiosity. They like checking what is there in a hole. Also, when the dog is playing around the yard, the drains can be dangerous. Your pets can fall into the drain particularly if they are small and cause clogging.

The dog can suffer severe injury incase their legs get trapped in the drain openings.  You can avoid such scenarios in your backyard by taking simple precautions – covering your drain openings. So, get drain covers for every opening in this system to enhance your pet’s safety.

Use a chewing-resistant wrap on your pipes

Like kids, pets require some scratching material during the teething age. You will find pets chewing anything around them. If the pipe is what they can find, they will chew it too. This action can lead to regrettable results. First, pets can sustain serious injuries. The pipes are tough and will injure their mouth which can lead to death in some cases.

Second, chewing can result in a major plumbing leak. This incident can be messy particularly when it occurs in your absence. The good thing is you can save yourself from such an occurrence. All you need is to wrap your pipes with chewing resistant materials. Otherwise, you can opt for the metallic pipes than the plastic ones.

Provide them with drinking water

Sometimes, homeowners ignore the fact that pets get thirst. They do not offer them some drinking water. Like humans, the pets will start an intensive search for water when thirsty. If you fail to provide them with some, they will search for sources. The pet will move to your taps and faucet and turn it on.

Unlike you, they won’t turn it off after drinking enough water. This means that water will keep on flowing which can be a messy experience. As such, ensure your pets have adequate drinking water to avoid such an encounter.

golden retriever puppy is taking a shower at home

Use strainers and stoppers on your drains

You love your pet and keeping it clean is your priority. To ensure it is clean, you wash it in a bath tab or a specific basin. Your caring actions can turn into a regrettable experience in your house.

As you know, pets are fur animals. They will send some fur during the cleaning process. When the fur gets into your drain, it causes a clogging issue. So, when washing your pet, ensure your drains have strainers or stoppers. This way, you will avoid pet-related clogging issues.

And that’s is how to avoid pet-related plumbing issues in your home.