Taking a self defence class is not only a helpful and exciting thing to do but it has plenty of other benefits like empowerment, freedom, fun and health! We believe it’s something every single woman should experience at least once in her life time so why not give it a go and decide whether its for you or not? If you’re not yet convinced, let’s take a look at what we consider to be the top benefits of self defence classes for women.

  1. Obviously the main reason people take a self defence class is because they want to be able to become stronger and learn how to properly exert themselves and their bodies in a defensive technique. Unfortunately, and particularly for women, a self defence class might just save yours or your friends life. If you’re ever put in or find yourself in a dangerous situation, you’ll thank your lucky stars for the self defence class you picked up as it may ensure you’re able to fend off your attacker. Doing so could prevent something terrible from happening to you or to somebody else.
  2. On a more light hearted note, taking a self defence class is incredibly empowering and that’s what we’re all about! Nothing quite boosts your confidence like a work out, especially one that not only keeps you fit but ensures you’re protected. And being protected by yourself is a real confidence booster! Taking a self defence class will make you a stronger and faster version of yourself, ready for any situation life might throw at you. Who wouldn’t want that?
  3. Self defence keeps you fit. It’s not just about learning how to protect yourself, we promise. A self defence class can be incredibly fun if you let it and it manages to keep you fit and healthy in the process.
  4. It sets an example. Long gone are the days where women are considered ‘weak’ or we need to depend on each other and the men around us to stay protected. Taking a self defence class means you only ever need to rely on yourself. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to say you can protect yourself in a moments instance, never having to worry about whether you’ll be able to fend someone off if needed?

If you’re not convinced yet, come down and give one of our classes ago. An hour of your time could turn into a lifesaver and maybe even a lifelong passion. We promise you’ll love it!