Allison Lock lost 15 kilos! – BodyBlitz winner

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Allison Lock – BodyBlitz winner

When the demands of a new job took its toll on her body, Allison Lock decided it was time for a long-term solution.

Allison Lock BodyBlitz 12-week Challenge winner - Women's Health & Fitness

Four years ago I was at my perfect weight, exercising daily and eating right. Then I started a new job and food seemed to be everywhere. The weight started creeping on. My clothes started getting tighter. I got up to a tight size 14 and lived in denial – I should have been wearing a 16. I used all the excuses as to why I was this size but I knew there was no excuse; I was lazy. I didn’t like the person I had become. I was always tired, grumpy and ashamed of my body.

I met an amazing and supportive personal trainer who committed to helping me make a long-term lifestyle change. Day one bikini photos were the turning point for me. I felt disgusted in how I had let myself go and sad for my husband – how could he be attracted to women who looked like this?

I knew I had to make a change and this was the motivation I needed. On day two of my challenge I had bad headaches and felt hung-over from food withdrawals. This went away and the weight started to drop off. I was feeling good and had managed to avoid social encounters involving food until week six. I had a work lunch that I needed to attend. I had prepared every meal up until this point. I knew exactly what was in everything I ate. I worried for days about how to order off a menu. I chose the best option I could and just watched my portion size. I couldn’t believe how anxious l had become about ordering lunch, something I’d never thought of before I started this challenge.

I have lost 15.5 kg to date and I feel amazing. I feel proud and honoured to stand next to my husband and no longer feel ashamed. I have my confidence and my life back. This has been a lifestyle change. No more crash diets.

Diet plan
Breakfast: Protein shake, 
1 cup mango, 3 macadamia nuts
Snack: 80 g tuna in water, grapes, watermelon and 
6 almonds
Lunch: Chicken mince, 1¼ cup of vegetables and basmati rice
Snack: Protein powder, blueberries and 3 almonds
Dinner: Lean red meat or fish with basmati rice and 1¼ cup of vegetables

Weekly exercise routine
Monday: One hour step class and 12 minutes of treadmill interval running.
Tuesday: One hour weight training and 20 minute walk.
Wednesday: One hour aerobic class and 20 minute walk.
Thursday: 3km run.
Saturday: Intense weight training and sprints.
Sunday: 3km run.

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