Pregnant women can still perform exercises as long as the pregnancy exercises are safe and comfortable. Exercising during pregnancy helps you stay fit because you’re strengthening your whole body, and you’re reducing your risk to excess weight gain.

Other benefits of pregnancy exercises include reducing the risk to back pain, improving the chances of more natural delivery, decreasing constipation and fatigue, improving heart health, enhancing sleep, boosting mood, and improving muscle strength.

That said, we recommend you follow a particular pregnancy exercise routine that’s safe and easy. Of course, make sure to consult your health care provider first about any of the pregnant exercises you want to do at home. Meanwhile, here’s a list of 12 safe and easy pregnancy exercises.

  1. Plie – This pregnancy exercise improves balance and targets the quadriceps and hamstrings

Start by standing parallel to the back of a stable chair with one of your hands holding it. Make sure your feet are parallel to each other and hip-distance apart. Creating a 45-degree angle between your toes and knees, bend your knees and lower your torso while making sure that your back is perpendicular to the ground. After this step, straighten your legs as you repeat the first step.

  1. Side-Lying – This exercise strengthens your inner thighs and core.

Start this pregnancy exercise by lying on your right side while your right forearm should support your head. Your right leg should be bent at 45 degrees while your left leg is placed straight and stable against the floor. Your left arm should rest on the floor for additional support. After this, start lifting your leg and continue by repetition until you switch sides.

  1. Curl and Lift – This pregnancy exercise helps strengthen the shoulders and biceps.

Begin this exercise by sitting on the verge of a stable chair while keeping your back straight. Your feet should be rested on the floor while your arms are at your sides. Hold a 2 to 3-kilogram weight in each hand. Make sure to position your arms in a 90-degree angle while you’re lifting the weights to shoulder height then lower them to your sides. Continue for repetition.

  1. Brisk Walk – If you’re looking for a pregnancy exercise outdoors, you can try a brisk walk. You can have a quick stroll around your block. Walk on smooth surfaces only and wear a pair of sturdy footwear. Avoid rocky pathways and potholes.

A brisk walk is a great cardio exercise that’s low impact for your ankles and knees. You can perform this almost anywhere as long as there’s ample space. Plus, it can be a pregnant exercise for every trimester. When you are on your last trimester, however, you have to be more careful when brisk walking because you may lose your sense of coordination and balance as your centre of gravity alters during this time.

Pregnancy exercises are undoubtedly beneficial for a healthy pregnancy. For a better experience, we recommend you to consult your doctor before starting these pregnancy exercises for safety and comfort. Stay active and cherish this incredible moment of pregnancy!