Admit it, complaints of the frustration of women about their health and fitness are everywhere. The grievance about women’s health and fitness has a common denominator, and that is a disappointment. In some cases, there is confusion about what can we have done better? Is there a missing piece on what we’ve been doing?

These questions are the regular air of frustration coming from women who keep extending their efforts to better themselves but still end up feeling like a failure in their pursuit of a healthier body. We get it, the seemingly endless pile of tips, hacks, secrets, routines, and fad diets has become overwhelming.

You might have been doing all of these tips, but you can’t help and say, there still an inadequacy. In our continuous pursuit to be physically better, we’re going down the rabbit hole and ask, what else do we have to do?

That question is what we are hoping to answer as we give light to the common mistakes in women’s health and fitness. Read below.

Not Eating Sufficient Food

Eating not enough is an unpopular fact for some women who have been eating less and even skipping meals. But truth be told, some of you may be lacking in the right amount of nutrients necessary for muscle growth due to insufficient food intake.

There is a fine line between eating less and eating insufficiently. You have to be mindful of the amount of food you put in your body. There should be a balance, so you don’t end up lean yet unhealthy.


Overeating is a no-wonder mistake on our list of mistakes about women’s health and fitness. Overeating usually results in drastic weight gain, which isn’t right, especially if you’ve gone beyond your desired weight. There is much alarm for those women who have been overeating and have a sedentary lifestyle. That said, we say that having an active lifestyle is unarguable to achieve a healthier body. Make sure to be familiar with your activity level and body stats to help you monitor how much you’re consuming.

Not Drinking an Adequate Amount of Water 

The inadequate intake of water is another no-wonder mistake on our list as it’s undeniably a necessity to drink as much as desired. More than the health benefits it provides, drinking the right amount of water helps with skin clarity. If you’re also well-hydrated with water, you will no longer feel bloated as water can aid bloating.

The right amount of water can also relieve headaches and body aches. Water also helps you feel full, so losing weight is way more comfortable with proper water intake.

Unsustainable Fixes

There are several fad diets these days, and many women are rushing to try almost every new diet in tow to lose weight. If you’re only eyeing to see short-term results than establishing long-term habits, then you’ll most likely fail.

Why can that be? Let’s be honest here. There are promising diets these days, such as the Keto diet, and for sure, it has promising results. Women then start thinking they can sustain a Keto diet forever, but when their favorite cakes and pizzas are around, they’ll give in.

If you’re opening yourself to a mindset that you can have a “cheat day” from your diet, you’ll begin feeling guilty. That situation is undoubtedly a sign that you’re doing an unsustainable fix. We recommend you take it easy for yourself and keep educating yourself as you find the best approach for you that will last for long.


Evaluate yourself and contemplate your ‘why’ in trying to better your health. Losing weight to look good is fine, but having that as the sole reason why you’re doing tons of health and fitness to-do is not enough for you to be successful in this quest. Women’s health and fitness are indeed complex, and you have to start becoming genuine with your intentions