Following health tips for working women is an excellent way to balance out the different roles that women play while keeping themselves healthy. Women wear different hats – from being a career woman to being a mother to being a wife – all the tasks involved in these roles can be overwhelming.
And in as much these women are giving all the love they can provide; it is equally important that they also take care of themselves. Staying fit and healthy does not necessarily mean you have to spend long hours in the gym. We understand that your schedules can be tight, but the good news is, you can incorporate keeping yourself healthy why doing your responsibilities.
Here are five health tips for working women that can help you keep yourselves healthy:

  1. Take a 30-minute walk Everyday
    You can incorporate a 30-minute walk every day in your daily routine. If your workplace or the grocery store is walking distance from your home, then it would be better to take a walk rather than take your car. If those places are far from where you live, you can park your car a few kilometres away so you can still do your daily walking.
    Incorporating this 30-minute walk everyday can give you more significant health benefits. It can also help you reinvigorate your self because of the beautiful sceneries you can pass by.
  1. Prepare Healthy Snacks
    Instead of rushing to fast foods for some snacks, it will come a long way if you take a little time to prepare some healthy snacks. You can pack almonds, vegetables with dip, protein bars, yogurt and some fruits. Bring them along with you and keep your body sustained with these healthy options throughout the day.
  1. Eat a High Protein Meal
    Some foods rich with protein include single-serve cottage cheese, hard-boiled egg, peanut butter pack and oatmeal. Protein is essential because it keeps you from being hungry, regulates your blood sugar level and slows down digestion.
  1. Do Some “Deskercise”
    Another health tip for working women includes doing some deskercise. This applies especially to those who work in the office a 9-to-5 job. Sitting for a long time can have adverse effects on your health. It can even increase the risk of having cancer.
    You can even make use of some of your things in the office like paper pushups and book press. You can also do some shoulder blade squeezes or participate in an office yoga session.
  1. 20 Minute Intense Training
    This 20-minute intense training is a perfect health tip for busy women. It’s not about the length of the training, but it’s quality. You can follow these workouts at home, or you can drop by the gym in a brief period – either way, it is suitable for women on the go.


Even if you are busy, it is not an excuse to neglect your health. Above all, health is the most important aspect to allow yourself to continue to function and fulfil your roles. With these health tips for busy women, there is no need to compromise between your career and health.