Travelling overseas for a cycling holiday is often a big undertaking and requires a lot of preparation before you are ready to hit the road.

Australian provider A’qto Cycling makes your journey easy, with set schedules that will take you through places in Italy few tourists have even been to – untouched, hidden treasures just waiting to be explored on a bicycle.

This experience will ensure you get to test yourself on the roads that professionals often challenge themselves on, whilst also taking the time to enjoy the rustic, Italian cuisine and culture along the way.

So, here are the most common questions asked in the field, answered by the experts at A’qto Cycling.


What sort of fitness base will I need?

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to embark on a cycling tour, but a solid base level of fitness is required. In some cases, there may be instances where you’ll need to ride over 50km, up steep inclines and through winding country roads, day after day for 8 days – all of which is designed to challenge your direct abilities.

As a minimum, the team at A’qto Cycling recommend that you train 4-5 times per week as preparation in the lead up; featuring long stints on the road and similar elevation levels as you will experience on tour, is also advised.


What happens if I cannot keep up with the group?

These tours are designed to be challenging, but it’s not uncommon for circumstances to occur where riders need to recover or perhaps ride at the back of the group for a day, with the support of a ride guide. All tours include a support vehicle, allowing riders to sit out stages of the experience if and when they need it most.

This vehicle also provides medical and first aid assistance to riders as well as running repairs on bikes.


Will I need my own bike?

That decision is entirely up to you. For some, the comfort and reliability of their own bike justifies the cost and extra luggage requirements of shipping it overseas. For others, A’qto Cycling arranges a rental or purchase of a high-end model in Italy, as well as full support to keep you on the road.

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What other equipment will I need?

All tours include two ride guides, supporting the group through each day, and often carrying equipment such as spare tubes and tools. The support vehicle always follows behind the group, with additional tools to assist riders as required.

Ultimately, you can bring as little or as much equipment as you like. However, given most is available on the tour, less is more when travelling overseas with equipment.


What else goes on during the tour besides cycling?

While these tours are designed to be challenging, this is not a professional race or a sporting preparation boot camp.

A large part of our journey is to soak up the local culture and you will enjoy plenty of time dining and talking with locals, learning about regional history and immersing yourself in all of the hospitality the friendly Italians have to offer.

Depending on the tour and region, there will also be wine tastings, sight-seeing, free time to explore between rides, and access to all of the recovery services you may need. This includes massages, wellness centres, therapeutic pools and saunas, all close to where the group is staying.

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What level of insurance and coverage will I need?

Travel insurance is mandatory and A’qto Cycling advises booking this at the same time that you lock in your tour. That way, you are protected should anything happen in between the time of booking and departure, as well as on the tour itself.

You will also need medical clearance to take part in the tours, to ensure that you are up to the physical task ahead of you. We will supply full documentation and assistance on getting your medical certificate at the time of booking, together with mandatory insurance waiver documentation.


Do I need to stick to the tour schedules?

All published tours have a fixed tour schedule and are designed to give riders the total experience, but the team can use their expertise to help tailor any sort of riding holiday you desire in Italy if you have your own group of 12 people.

Each representative of the team can assist with all of the logistics and recommendations towards the right regions for your level of ability. This means you’re provided with a fully tailored experience that ensures you’re able to get the most out of your custom designed tour.