As we operate and ship Factory Direct straight from the warehouse, Shipping has both it’s Pros and it’s Cons.

The Pro is that the overall product including the Shipping is a whole lot cheaper, saving on any markup Wholesalers apply to their products before coming to us. As we skip that step in the chain, you benefit as a consumer by paying much, much less.

The Con is that we can’t give consistently accurate shipping times or delivery dates, as our manufacturers warehouses are all over the world whether China, the U.S.A., Italy or other.

Shipping times can be less than ideal. If you want your new item and you want it now, we are the wrong website for you. Shipping times from the factories depend on which area of the world they’re coming from and which area of the world you live in. To ensure we keep the cheapest prices for you, there’s very little we can do about this. We do however use ePacket shipping, one of the fastest delivery services worldwide. We are also very clear with our customers that shipping may take longer than you’re used to for an online purchase even though we have selected one of the quickest international shipping options.

Hopefully by understanding everything about Factory Direct shipping you can understand why we have chosen to dropship items from the manufacturer to your door. We believe the pros outweigh the cons and would rather offer you great prices and a stellar return policy than higher prices and somewhat quicker shipping.